My Happy Place

home decor

One of my favorite things about moving out of my parents’ house and into my own apartment with Andrew was the ability to decorate the space in a way that made me happy. We have been in this apartment for eight months and we still have some areas to work on, but this corner of our living room is my absolute favorite spot. I wanted this space to be super cozy and chill. After a long day at work, I can’t wait to come home and hang out in here.

It’s funny because when we moved in, we had hardly any furniture in here. The day we moved in, we only had a TV stand and that little ottoman. A day or two later, our couch was delivered. I remember being so excited because I felt like it was all starting to come together. I ran to HomeGoods later that day and bought a few throw pillows. This space just feels so good and I can hardly believe that just eight months ago it was completely empty.

Photo taken after we first moved in.

Since then, we have added so many things into this space that work together so well. We had search high and low for a rug that we liked. We found that Rugs USA had a really great selection in the style we were looking for and we chose ours because we loved the colors and pattern. It took us a while to decide on our coffee table. We liked how the rustic/industrial ones looked, but we knew it wouldn’t look too good with our couch and rug. We finally found this one from Wayfair and we love it. I really like the brightness that the white top brings to the room, even though I am constantly cleaning it, haha.

Our bookcase was another item that took us quite a while to decide on. At first I was set on getting two tall, metal framed shelves to display books and knick-knacks. After looking at our space, we really didn’t think it would look good. Another idea I had was to create a reading nook in front of our large living room window. Unfortunately, we could not find anything like I had imagined, so we instead decided to do this long bookcase under the window. I love displaying items here that are special to us. Most of them are gifts from each other or reminders of some great adventures we have had.

For Chirstmas, Andrew bought me this Papasan Chair, which is probably my favorite part of our living room. It’s got a fuzzy cushion and, with our beautiful lamp behind it, it has become my little reading nook. Nothing beats sitting in this corner with a good book and a cup of tea.

Do you have a room in your home that is your favorite place to be? I’d love to hear all about it.

Love Always,