Day Trippin’


About a month ago, I went on a much needed day trip with a friend. We had been debating going to the beach, but instead decided to visit Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like; the whopping 42-acre and holds hundreds of sculptures, as well as beautiful trees, foliage, and wildlife. I had visited the park once before, but this was my friend’s first time. We were both awestruck for the majority of our visit, which was about an two and a half hours. Here are some pictures of my favorite sculptures:

The park is truly a magical place. Some sculptures are so lifelike, some are abstract, gigantic, humorous, powerful, frightening, etc. There is a little bit of everything scattered throughout the grounds. This is easily one of my favorite places to visit. I find it so peaceful to be surrounded by so much creativity and beauty, especially when it lives in a beautifully landscaped park rather than inside a museum’s walls.

On the way back home, I suggested that we stop in Princeton to explore a little since my friend hadn’t been there either. Princeton is a beautiful town, full of historic charm and home to Ivy League Princeton University. We stopped in the heart of town, right outside the university. The energy in this college town is truly delightful. We are there on a sunny Tuesday afternoon and there were tons of people walking about. There were a bunch of restaurants and cafes, but we decided that pancakes sounded good. PJ’s Pancake House was really delicious and satisfying.

After eating, we decided to walk down a side street at random and stumbled upon the Princeton Record Exchange. I had been meaning to buy a particular Queen vinyl online (since there are no record stores near me) so we went inside and I swear, we felt like we had entered a time warp. I hadn’t been in a store like this one since I was about ten years old. They had a huge selection of vinyls and CDs, and it was fun flipping through bin after bin of vinyls from different artists and genres. Luckily, they had the very album I had been looking for.

I love little adventures like this. Taking a short trip to somewhere special is so good for the soul. The places I visited this day are truly magical and they were exactly what I needed. I left feeling happy and refreshed. What is your favorite little getaway, and how often do you get to go?

Love Always,


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