Monthly Goals: April


Hey friends, can you believe that it’s already April? I know I can’t, but I am so stoked that it is! I do not do well in the winter months at all– seasonal depression tends to get the best of me. Right now I am extremely happy that Spring is starting to show its lovely face around here, and I’m also excited to be assessing how last month went and setting myself some new goals for this month.

So, let’s talk about how I did with my March goals. Two of my goals were to see a movie and spend time outdoors, both of which I did accomplish. Andrew and I saw Captain Marvel (loved it) and we also took three walks around town this month. It was still pretty chilly most of the month, but it was nice nonetheless. Another goal was to meal prep, which I did do pretty consistently for my lunches for work, but I didn’t do so well for our dinners. One goal was to earn Silver in the Peloton Challenges, and I am so happy to report that I surpassed that goal by earning Gold for both challenges! Lastly, did I make the most of my time? Yes, I definitely think so.

Now, here are my goals for April:

Continue to be Active: I have been working out nearly everyday, and I am loving it. My goal this month is to stick with it and push myself with some longer Peloton rides. I’m also planning on mixing in some different workouts, like yoga and some strength work as well.

Drink More Water and Tea: I’m one of those people who completely forgets to hydrate throughout the day. I have this 32 oz water bottle that I bring to work everyday, but I never finish the whole bottle. My goal this month is to make sure that I am drinking that whole bottle, and also to start drinking tea more often. I love tea and have a ton of it in my pantry, but I’ve noticed that I haven’t been drinking it too often. I’m going to try to make a habit of having a cup of tea before bed each night.

Spend Time Outdoors/Fun Day Trips: Now that the weather seems to be on the warmer side, I am looking forward to spending more time outside. Nothing is better than going on a walk through the park and breathing in the fresh air. I’m also going to try to take some fun day trips on my days off. Today I am actually going into the city with my brother, where we will do some exploring. I’m also hoping to go on a hike in a week or so.

Eat Healthier: This is something that has always been difficult for me. Yes, I have been working out a lot, and eating better sometimes, and losing weight… But I know I could be doing better. In the last two weeks, I’ve had fast food three times. Before that, I hadn’t had fast food in at least four months. I also devoured an entire container of Lactaid’s peanut butter pie ice cream within three days. My goal for the rest of this month is to make better food choices, and to stop and think rather than impulse eating.

Write More Posts: I haven’t been writing on here as often as I would like to. The goal is to try to be more consistent with writing this month. I find that I have to plan ahead and give myself a schedule, otherwise I won’t ever get things done. Right now this blog is on a back burner, but I am going to make an effort to prioritize creating more content.

What are you planning to accomplish this month? What did you accomplish last month that you are proud of? The quote in April’s section of my planner says, “Don’t forget to be awesome.” I love that, and I hope that we all remember to be awesome this month.

Love Always,


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