Organizing My Disaster of a Shoe Closet


Our shoe and coat closet has not been looking very pretty lately. In fact, it’s quite appalling. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even shut the door to hide the mess; it’s literally spilling right out into the living room.

The current set up just isn’t working for our needs. I have a shoe cubby for my shoes, but my boots don’t fit in there, and I have a hard time finding the shoes I want to wear. Andrew’s shoes are on this little rack that doesn’t fit all of his shoes, plus it’s sort of buried underneath his coats.

So, I picked out this shoe rack from Amazon, hoping it would be the solution to my closet troubles. I have to say, this is not the sturdiest shoe rack. It’s just a couple of plastic pieces that you stick the metal rods into. It is quite wobbly and I had sections coming apart while I was placing our shoes on the rods. It wasn’t a good time. You could easily glue the rods into the sides to make it more sturdy. As a renter, I don’t like to invest too much money into things that we may not have use (or space) for in the next place we live, so this shoe rack is a pretty decent in my book.

The rack claims to fit 30 pairs of shoes. That’s a stretch. Ideally, you’re supposed to fit 3 pairs of shoes on each tier. I wear a size 7 1/2 or 8, and I had a hard time squeezing 3 pairs in. For Andrew’s size 11 shoes, 3 pairs was impossible unless you stacked a pair on top of each other.

I made sure to put all the shoes we wear most often on the rack. What we had left was a ton of my summer sandals and all of Andrew’s dress shoes (that he never wears). I chose to store these shoes in baskets and put them behind the shoe rack. This closet is pretty deep, so I wanted to make sure I was utilizing as much space as possible. I also had a big, heavy basket (full of backpacks and tote bags) that had been up on the shelf, but it was too difficult to go through up that high, so I brought it down next to the shoe rack. I chose to put our winter boots up on the shelf instead, so they look neat and are easy to grab when needed.

Overall, I think that it came out really good. It’s been about a week since I re-did this closet, and so far it’s stayed nice and neat. I love how easy it is now to find the shoes I want to wear. It is soooo nice to open up the closet doors and see an organized space and not the crazy chaos that previously resided there.

What’s your shoe storage situation like? Are you able to keep it nice and neat, or do you find it to be constantly messy? I’d love to hear what works or doesn’t work for you.

Love always,

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